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Compassion and Xu Bing’s Phoenix

This found-object phoenix was created out of compassion. It’s for that reason that I’d like to feature it here on Art In Love. Chinese artist Xu Bing was not interested in a public commission for a corporate skyscraper in Shanghai. In spite of his lack of interest, he visited the construction site of the proposed … Continue reading


Articulate Artisans

Artists communicate ideas. Artisans make beautiful and functional objects. But categories are shorthand and truncate rather than describe. This post features two artisans who pursue excellence in their craft but do so in a way that results in a powerful communication of ideas. They exercise a disciplined, meditative and philosophic art form. I don’t know that there’s a category for that. Perhaps … Continue reading


How to Discourage Artists at Church

Lately, Jeremy and our pastor have been having discussions about incorporating more art (and artists) into our corporate worship at church. This Gospel Coalition article, (incidentally, written by the current president of my alma mater), discusses this very thing, but from the opposite side. It asks, what do churches and Christians do that discourage Christian … Continue reading


Contemporary Sculpture Roundup: Part III

Beth Cavener Seeing Cavener’s sculptures literally made my jaw go slack. These are incredibly emotive sculptures that leave just enough “unfinished” and rough edges. Typically clay sculpture isn’t very interesting to me because the subject matter tends to be just figurative with no concept behind the work. Cavener’s website has this to say about her work: “Beth … Continue reading


Review of Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom

When it comes to director allegiances, most artists I know will put Wes Anderson on their lists — he’s certainly on ours! Jeremy and I were eager to see his latest, “Moonrise Kingdom,” and we were even willing to shell out $20 to see it in the theater — with popcorn in our laps! (We … Continue reading


Creative Fires

In the last few days, tensions have built to almost unbearable levels in my city. In case you haven’t heard yet, Colorado Springs, CO, scenic outdoor paradise, is on fire and has been for six days. People have lost their homes even as firefighters desperately defend our city day and night. (We are safe, by … Continue reading


A Tangible Salvation & Why Art Matters

Lately, Jeremy and I have been reading and discussing Timothy Keller’s The Prodigal God with our small group at church. Other than the book being a phenomenal and simple exposition of the parable of the prodigal son (found in Luke 15 in the Bible), the book also touches on an idea that, I believe, applies … Continue reading


An Arts Revolution & the Documentary “Press Pause Play”

We all know that technology has changed things. New technologies have changed how we cook, how we heat our houses, how we make clothing, how we grow vegetables, and even how we go to the bathroom. But this recent influx of technological changes in our global culture has been unique. We are connected to people … Continue reading

Ben_Rasmussen copy

Common Humanity: Ben Rasmussen’s Photography

Ben Rasmussen and I knew each other loosely in college. We recently ran into each other in Denver, after which I stalked him on the internet. Instead of digging up all kinds of dirt however, I found his incredible photography portfolio, which I now share with you. Ben has an eye for shots that tells … Continue reading


But What Does It Mean?: Dietrich Bonhoeffer on Art Interpretation

Lately, it seems that everyone I know is reading Eric Metaxas’ tome on the life of Deitrich Bonhoeffer. And now I’ve picked it up. (Let’s just say it’s not exactly light reading, though it is excellent.) I have been taken by an especially interesting section about 18-year-old Bonhoeffer’s semester in Rome. He sees nearly every … Continue reading

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